Block 80
  • 80 Meals per Semester (average 5 meals per week)
  • $450 Flex Points (per semester)
  • Of the 80 Meals, 40 can be used as Meal Exchanges @ Select # of National Brand Restaurants
*Meal Plans are on a per-semester basis.

The Block 80 meal plan gives you:
  • 80 allotted meals for the semester to use at our all-you-care-to-eat dining hall
  • Of the 80 meals, 40 can be used as meal exchanges at select Monarch Dining national brand restaurants
  • $450 Flex Points, which any remaining balance from your fall semester meal will carry over to your spring meal plan.

1. Click the Sign-Up Now button
2. Sign into University Card Center's website using your MIDAS login (2-factor authentication required).
3. Select either "Purchase Meal Plan with Student Account" OR "Purchase Meal Plan with Credit Card"